My clients keep making me happy! Best part of my job. It keeps me going. Thank you!

 I started an online marathon with Olga 7 months after giving birth to get in shape. My main task was to reduce the volume, I was not very oriented by weight, and to pump up muscles, which noticeably weakened after pregnancy. A month later, I successfully put on my “pre-jeans”, for which I want to say a big thank you to Olga! I am very pleased with the result and, most importantly, I was seized by the process! Time did not allow me to train in the gym, and the online marathon was the best option for me. Firstly, I myself chose the time for doing the exercises, on the street I did cardio during my son’s afternoon nap, the main part in the evening at home. All the exercises are fairly simple to repeat, there was no need to buy any special equipment for them, except for a rug and a pair of dumbbells. All the girls in the chat were involved in the marathon, which greatly added motivation. Olga coped well with the role of the coach, always on time reminded her that she was waiting for a report on the workout done 🙂


I started my classes with Olga on February 01 of this year! I’m doing Bootcamp Classes! I lost 15 kg and I feel energetic and strong. Before, I could not even imagine that I would run on a treadmill at a speed of 16 km per hour! Thanks for the motivation!


I had a great experience training with Olga! She knows how to push hard but keep all fun form the work out at the same time. Her approach, attitude and her own body is a perfect motivation boost!