Years of my hard work pays off when I receive letters from my clients. I have the best job ever! Seeing how my client’s life changes, how they become stronger, happier, healthier, more enthusiastic and motivated – is the best reward ever!

Thank you so much for these words and for allowing me to share it! 🤗

I’ve been working out since the age of 6. The Holy Box workout is a true full body, cardio and fun way to exercise and tone your body.

The way Olga does it… keeping me motivated throughout the workout, in a good and fun way. It gives me energy and a rewarding feeling. Think the best workout there is in Amsterdam.


Hi Olga😊 My moving to Amsterdam changed a lot if my life. I paid some cost f.e. I quit my carrier. So I try to focus on good sides and benefits of this situation and in fact I see them a lot👍 One of these is that I met you. Really! 👍😀 I’m happy that I met you🤗 I like your positive approach to everything and that you don’t give up. I don’t know, maybe it is effect of practising sport for years(?) I try to learn from other people. And from you I learn optimism, hard-working, kindness and that you are fair to all ( you treat everyone equally)👍👍👍 So thank you for this lesson Olga🤗🤗😄

When I came to Olga I was in the most stressful situation in my life.
I ate my feelings with a junk food, I had no motivation for doing any activity. Now I think that building muscles is always the best idea in any stressful period. Even life is terrible you can get through it by choosing to be physically active. Thanks, Olga, my new body will always stay with me 🙂